Download Mobile Arena APK + OBB v1.15.8.1 for Android

Mobile Arena APK + OBB v1.15.8.1 Latest free on Android 2018 - MOBA game becomes a game that is enjoyed by the audience. Mobile Legends, Vainglory, and League of Legends into other MOBA games, now appears Mobile Arena. Mobile Arena is an MOBA Strategy 5 vs 5 game by using your favorite Heroes to conquer the Heroes used by your opponents. The game developed and published by MOBA Games Private Limited has graphics and features that are very interesting to play. With the packaging and appealing order of Mobile Arena will be a game that more than 10 million users.

The local server is one of the advantages Mobile Arena compared to other MOBA game. It is expected that the play experience will be more comfortable and stable because it uses a local server. In addition, there are several game modes, such as 5 vs 5 with 3 lane map (similar to Mobile Legends), 3 vs 3 with the map of one lane and forest area (like Vainglory), and dual 1 vs 1. To be sure, friends can choose Various unique heroes with their respective roles and skills.

Create a great victory with your team. Strategy, compactness in the game and skill must be the key to your victory. Use your favorite Heroes to use the skill to kill enemy heroes in an instant. A victory that your team will get. Download to: League of Stickman: Warriors (Free Shopping) APK v3.5.3 for Android 2017

Features of Mobile Arena APK + OBB Updated

Your favorite 5v5 classic MOBA, focus on the battle with your opponent!
  • Play with real opponents and friends in real time. Master the battle arena and destroy the opponent in a 5v5 battle !!
True Fair Mobile MOBA
  • No pay to win, pure skill! There are no special purchases for additional status. Skin 100% only costume, win and lose depends only on skill in this competitive game.
HD graphics, enjoy the cool PC visual effects of MOBA on your mobile phone
  • Defeat your enemy with style! With HD graphics display, enjoy the look of your Hero and beat your opponent in a 5v5 battle with cool visual effect skills like PC MOBA main.
Hero selection! There's a NEW Hero every week!
  • There will be more than 30 unique Hero choices with cool character and character design. Play NEW Hero range every week.
Control & Item Manager is easy to understand
  • It's easy, with a responsive, virtual gamepad, automatic item manager, and auto assist system for accurate target attacks. No more AFK when selecting items and Mis-targeting! Master and focus feel the thrill of dominating the battle!
Screenshot of Mobile Arena APK + OBB v1.15.8.1 Latest Version

Mobile Arena APK Images

Mobile Arena MOD APK Latest Version

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Download Mobile Arena MOD APK Terbaru

Detail and Information:

Version     : Mobile Arena v1.15.8.1                                                           Requires    : Android 4.0.3 and +
File Size   : 25.0 Mb (APK) & 314 Mb (OBB)                                            Update       : June 05, 2017
Author      : MOBA Games Private Limited                                               Category    : Action
More Info: 
Hasil gambar untuk logo play store buat blog
What's News of Mobile Arena APK:
  • No Bugs
Mobile Arena APK + OBB v1.15.8.1 Updated free on Android  So, for friends who want to play this game. Dipo Games Apps shared the download link at this blog, with the just download and install this application on your Android can instantly play this game. Download to: Respawnables MOD APK + Data (Unlimited Money/Gold) v.5.5.0 for Android 2017

Download Mobile Arena APK + OBB v1.15.8.1 for Android 2017 | APK
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Download Mobile Arena APK + OBB v1.15.8.1 for Android 2017 | OBB
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