Gmail v7.1.15.145691033.release Apk Download for Android 2017

Description of Gmail v7.1.15 Apk Download for Android 2017 

Dipo Games Apps | Free Download Games and Apps - Gmail v7.1.15.145691033.release Apk Download for Android 2017 - Gmail is an application used to send electronic mail easily and quickly. Thanks to this application you will be able to unify a wide range of e-mail account you into a place, without the need to rely on electronic mail another manager. Gmail than can be used to receive and send electronic mail or Email, Gmail can also be used to for the purposes of delivery of documents, submit information, send photos, send video and so forth. In Gmail account available space for storage of 15 Gb, size large enough for the size of the storage media. With this storage media, you can store a variety of files and media in it. Therefore, the official Gmail app is an application that must be possessed by all Android users. Download too: UC Browser - Fast Download v10.10.8.820 Apk Download for Android 2017

You can use Gmail Account to Create and Access:
  • Gmail or Email - Email is fast and can be searched, capacity up to 15 GB, with an antidote to spam and may be accessed through a mobile
  • Blogger (Blogspot) - Free blog services with the capacity of posts no limit restrictions make us, even more, relief in the expression on blogger
  • Google FAQ - Services that allow users get answers from the community on the questions they ask
  • Google Groups - Services for online discussions or via email
  • Picasa - Storage Service (hosting) image/images and edit images online with a capacity of 1GB
  • Google Docs - Storage Service (hosting) files (.doc, .ppt, .xls, .psd, .pdf, etc.) with a capacity of 5120MB (5GB)
  • Google+ - the new social networking service launched in mid-2011 ago. G + provides a space for users to share photos, messages, comments, chat and no video call service
  • Google Calendar - regulator Service schedule and share events with friends online
  • YouTube - Storage Service (hosting) and free video sharing with a maximum capacity of 2GB per upload one video with a maximum duration of 15 minutes
  • Feedburner - This tool allows you to adjust and record customer RSS Feed blog

Features of Gmail v7.1.15 Apk Download for Android 2017 
  • Compose: To create and send a message/document.
  • Inbox: A message / file entry documents in emails.
  • Started: A message/file documents specially marked for easy navigation.
  • Sent Mail: A message / file documents sent.
  • Draft: The message/file documents that have not been sent.
  • Important: Message/file important documents that go into our email.
  • Chat: Where we are to send chat messages.
  • All Mail: Place the whole message/file documents that we sent and we have received.
  • Spam: Messages are considered junk or suspicious messages.
  • Trash: A wide variety of message/file documents that are not essential (garbage).
  • Primary: Messages from friends or family and other messages that do not appear in other tabs.
  • Social: Messages from social networks, media-sharing sites, online dating services, gaming platforms, and other social websites.
  • Promotion: Usually content like ads, deals.
  • Updates: This is usually about the information confirmations, receipts, bills.
  • Forums: Messages from online groups, discussion forums.

What's News of Gmail v7.1.15 Apk Download for Android 2017 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Screenshot of Gmail v7.1.15 Apk Download for Android 2017 

Detail and Information of Gmail v7.1.15 Apk Download for Android 2017 

Version     : Gmail v7.1.15.145691033.release                                 Requires    : Android 4.0. and +
File Size   : 18.5 Mb (Apk)                                                                           Update        : February 13, 2017
Author      : Google Inc.                                                                                  Category    : Communication
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What News:
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

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